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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

The last time I was with mom she was craving pizza. So instead of going to McDonalds for lunch like we normally do for our double cheeseburgers(after mom had her hair done), my mission was to get a pizza for mom.

Once I helped mom in my car, I called California Pizza to order a pepperoni pizza to go. Mom and I used to eat their regularly before she became sick.   The girl taking my order asked what kind of car I drove because they have an area where you drive up and they bring your pizza out to you. 

Shortly after I arrived, a waiter came out with our pizza, drinks, and the bill.  This made it much easier than leaving mom in the car to go in and pick up the pizza myself.  In mom’s present state, I like to be able to see my mom in case she tried to get out of the car so this set up was perfect.

Mom used to love going inside the restaurant, but she did not express that she wanted to try that so I did not suggest it.

After receiving our pizza, we headed back to The Community* where we walked towards their Garden Room.  I set a nice table for us with our napkins, plates, lemonade and pizza. 

The pizza was crispy which is exactly how mom loves it.  I always ask mom to select her piece first because she always wants the crispiest one.  In the past if I chose first, she always claimed I took the crispiest one; she has trained me to have her take the first piece. I go as far as asking her which other pieces she thinks are ones she might want to eat after that first piece. She is only too happy to tell me which ones are cooked more to her liking. 

The good news is that Mom had a wonderful appetite; she ate three pieces which was half of the pizza.  The bad news is that I ate the other half.

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