Daughter's Eulogy

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mystery Marks Solved

While Joanne* was doing mom’s hair yesterday, I kept staring at mom.  She had some marks on her face on both cheeks.  I had never seen them before and I was concerned how the marks got there.  Mom had no idea where they came from. Joanne* and I kept examining mom’s marks clueless of what happened to mom.  Until Joanne* happen to notice that mom was not wearing her oxygen today. 

“Gilda, where is your oxygen tank?”

Mom said, “I have only been having the oxygen on when I sleep.” 

Joanne* and I looked at each other and laughed knowing that now her facial marks became clear as to how they happened. The oxygen tubes which press up against mom’s face had left imprints on her cheeks.    We were all relieved to solve that puzzle.

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