Daughter's Eulogy

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Little Misunderstanding

My first stop on Friday was Edward Hospital to visit my brother, Jamie.  He had an emergency appendectomy and hernia operation the day before.  He was resting comfortably when I arrived, but woke up when he felt my presence next to him.  He told me that he was feeling so much better and being released as soon as the doctor had a chance to see him. 

My next stop was to pick up mom to take her to her beauty shop and then off to lunch.  While I was with mom, I mentioned the news about Jamie.  She was glad I had just seen him and knew first hand that he was feeling better.  She wanted me to make sure to tell him that she was glad to hear he was doing ok and that she loved him very much.  I promised that I would relay her message.

Mom had kept telling me that she wanted a beef sandwich.  She may have told me at least five times while she was getting her hair done.  However, when I pulled up to Portillo’s mom said, “What are we doing here?”

“Mom, you asked me for a beef sandwich.  You love Portillo’s beef sandwiches.”

“I meant hamburger.”

“Would you like me to go to McDonalds’?”

“No, don’t be silly.  We are here now.”

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