Daughter's Eulogy

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two Moms One Place

First thing Tuesday morning, we receive a call that Mom Lentz has qualified to go to a rehab facility,  As you might have guessed she is going to The Community*.   Dad Lentz and I went to the hospital to give Mom some clothes to wear as the Medicar will not transport her in a hospital gown.  Afterwards Dad and I went to The Community* to fill out all the tedious paperwork of checking someone in.  Signing this paperwork takes longer than signing the paperwork to buy a house.  Dad Lentz was happy to take the time to sign each and every form because he knew Mom Lentz was better off there.

By the time Mom Lentz arrived we had finished all the paperwork.  We wheeled mom to her room.  She was feeling lousy and in a lot of pain, but we knew she was glad to be there.  After I helped make Mom Lentz as comfortable as possible, I walked to see Mom Mascitti to see how she was progressing on the second floor.

The events in these last 24 hours seem amazing.  I just moved Mom Mascitti from the first floor to the second floor, now I was moving Mom Lentz from the hospital into the first floor where Mom Mascitti used to be.   Hard to believe . . .  reality is stranger than fiction.

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