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Saturday, June 9, 2012

My 'Other' Mother

Last Wednesday, Mom Lentz underwent major surgery to remove a renal tumor that was attached to one of her kidneys.  

As you can see by the above photo, Mom Lentz was surrounded by several of her favorite people including Jamie and Sandy.  She was very positive, but scared.

The surgery was successful and the results were even better than expected.  When the surgeon went in, the surgeon only needed to take part of one of mom’s ribs to remove both the tumor and the kidney that the tumor had attached itself to.   All results were excellent.  The surgeon saw no other problems once he had mom open.  There was no evidence that the cancer from the renal tumor had leaked.  We all praised God for this good news.

The tough part for Mom Lentz is now . . .  mom is doing amazingly well for just having major surgery, but the recovery is a slow process.  Ron and I have to remember mom is 75 years old and this surgery would be difficult for a person half her age.  We know this from Tracy’s recovery; our sister-in-law who gave her kidney to her father to save his life.

Mom has been in a lot of pain.  The medical staff has been excellent supplying her with a great deal of pain medicine and taking care of all of her needs.   Mom has been sleeping a great deal. However, she seems to wake up whenever any one of us arrives.  She smiles at us with her eyes, but so far she has limited to no conversation.  She nods her head to answer and occasionally will say a word or two.  When we are about to leave her, mom always says the most which she has told Dad Lentz, Ron and me that she loves us so much.  Mom Lentz does not even have to say that to us because there is no doubt in our minds because she has displayed her true feelings every day of her life.  She is not one to hide her feelings.

To my surprise when I went to visit Mom Mascitti on Thursday,   the first question she asked me was “How is Annette?”  You see everyone loves and cares for her.  By the way, I was so delighted that Mom Mascitti even remembered. 

What has been the most difficult for us is to tell her other loved ones that she does not want to take any calls yet.  Any one that knows mom knows how much she loves to talk especially to her grandchildren, great grandchildren and her very close friend, Karen.  I have been telling mom that they call or text everyday wanting to know how she is and wanting me to tell her that they love her very much.   I know their constant contact has been a source of comfort to her.  But when I ask if she would like to receive phone calls, she doesn’t smile just she shakes her head no.  We have to respect her wishes until she is ready to talk.  Believe me, when she is ready, she will want to talk with everyone.

With Mom's infectious personality and her positive attitude, she will be up and around as soon as heavenly possible.

Ron, Baci, Porsha, and I have enjoyed our two houseguests, Dad and Muffyn.  They are welcome to stay with us as long as their 'preferred' roommate is unavailable.

Thank you from all of us for your prayers, calls, texts, emails, and cards.  Mom Lentz has loved all the cards she has received.  She does not have the strength to open them yet, but takes delight in seeing and having them read to her.

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