Daughter's Eulogy

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinochle Therapy

After leaving Mom Mascitti, I went to look for the rest of my group. 
I found them in the garden room playing pinochle.  This was Mom Lentz’s best day so far.  She looked and felt great.  She had walked to the garden room. Today is the first day anyone of us have seen mom out of bed.  When we see her, she has been tired from therapy or not feeling well. What a difference!
Mom and Dad love playing cards especially pinochle.  I knew when she had surgery that she would be up playing cards just as soon as heavenly possible.   Look at her smile; she does not look like she had a kidney remove less than two weeks ago from when this picture was taken.

They had just started playing so I sat down and joined them.  The only thing that makes mom happier than playing Pinochle is beating Ron and Dad at Pinochle.  The girls did not win this day; after all, it was Father’s Day. 

On Monday, when we talked to Mom Lentz, she was feeling terrible.  She had overdone it the day before.  She was so sick she wasn’t even able to participate in physical therapy.  She was faced with stomach problems.  Her doctor said this is normal; she had a lot of air in her stomach from the surgery.

On Tuesday, when dad came home from visiting mom he said, “I have good news and bad news.  What would you like first?”

“OK, dad, give us the bad news.”

“I am going to be living with you for at least the next 10 days.   HaHaHa!”

“The good news better be worth it, dad.  HaHaHa!”

“Mom is doing much better today and tomorrow her stitches will be removed.”

“That's great news!”

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