Daughter's Eulogy

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kisses For Everyone


On Easter Sunday after Easter Service Mom and Dad Lentz, Ron and I went to spend some quality time with mom.  She was so happy to see all of us.  Mom has not wanted company outside of immediately family for some time, but she was very gracious to mom and dad.  I truly believe she was glad to see them.

We had brought mom a Calla Lilly plant and an Easter bag filled with a few of mom’s favorite things. 

When she looked in the bag, she pulled out a bag filled with mini Easter colored Kit Kats saying, “These are perfect size.”   Mom gladly shared her candy with all of us. 

She also saw that there was a bag of Crispy Cheetos and said, “I’ll save these for another day when you are here.”
Mom was dressed in a pumpkin turtleneck and asked me to change her top.  She asked me to go to her bedroom with her and when we did I changed her top and organized her closet.   Mom felt much better.
When I wheeled mom back where Ron, mom and dad were sitting we talked for awhile.  Mom was extremely tired closing her eyes often.  She had made quite a change from last Saturday’s pizza party.  She seemed to be anxious today.  She was glad we came, but tired and ready for us to leave after a short visit.

“Julienne, I wish I could join you for the get together with everyone, but I know I can’t.”  Mom’s week had been difficult due to her bout with diarrhea.

“Mom, I wish you could too.  Would you like me to bring you any of the food?”

“No, I don’t like ham,” Mom said and turned to Ron asking, “Did you eat all the lonza?”

Ron smiled saying, “Mom, I saved my lonza for you.”

Mom smiled and looked at me saying, “Good, I want his share.”

“Sounds good, mom, I will bring some more over this week to share with you.”
Mom told all of us that she loved us very much but she was tired and wanted us to go. Ron and I have been lucky in our lives that our parents always got along and enjoyed each other’s company.  We all joined hands and said "The Lord's Prayer and Mom is the Light."  This seemed to give us all great comfort.
Mom loves taking photos and we wanted to have a photo of our wonderful Easter together. 

We wished her a Happy Easter and she sincerely wished the same for us.  Before we left, mom said, “Julienne, God knows when to come?”

“Yes, mom, God knows exactly when He is going to come.”

As we got up to hug and kiss mom, she gave several kisses to each one of us and as we walked away blew kisses to us.
There are five things you cannot recover in life:
the stone after it's thrown;  the word after it's said;  the occasion after it's missed; the time after it's gone; and a person after they die.

Although sadden to see mom was starting to decline again; we were all happy to see mom and happy we were able to share Easter Sunday with her.


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