Daughter's Eulogy

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All Smiles

On Friday, I found mom to be quite happy and comfortable.  She was quite surprised that I stopped with Lonza and Italian bread for lunch. 

“I thought we ate all of it,” mom questioned.

“Mom, I had a little piece left.  I was not sure that there would be enough for another lunch together.”

I wheeled mom into our semi-private lunch room and set up our table.  When I went to the main lunch room for her silverware and her drink, I informed them that I had brought lunch for mom. 

Lauren* said, “I think your mom is going to want to eat what we are having here today, too.  So I’ll surprise her when they bring the food in I will bring her some.”

While enjoying the lonza together mom stated, “What a treat!”

After we were finished eating the lonza, Lauren* came in with a tray for mom.  When she lifted up the tray cover, five good size fried shrimp were on the plate.  Mom’s face lighted up, “Wow, Julienne,  help  me  . . . eat them.”

“I am not really hungry anymore, mom.”

“You shared with me; now I’m sharing with you.”

I could not debate mom’s logic; whether I was hungry or not was not important in her eyes.  Eating the shrimp together was what she saw as important.  So we ate every last one.

Dana* came by and spent some time with us showing photos of her daughter’s twins.  Mom loved seeing the baby photos. 

After I cleaned up our table and put everything back where they belonged, Rosalee*, the chaplain,  came by for a visit.  “We were just about to pray, Rosalee*.  Would you like to join us?” I asked.

Mom jumped in, “Ohhh  . . .  she loves to pray.”

Rosalee* smiled, “Yes, I do.”

Mom extended her hands out for us to hold hands. We made a three-way circle of prayer.  As we said ‘The Our Father’ I could see that mom was staring at my lips as though she was reading the words from my lips and saying them.  After we finished mom injected, “How about the short one?” 

I explained to Rosalee* that mom likes this special prayer we call ‘Mom is the Light’.  Rosalee said, “Ok, I’ll follow along.”

I recited our special prayer and they both repeated each line: 

Mom is the Light.
The Light is within mom. 
The Light moves throughout mom.
The Light surrounds mom.
The Light protects mom.
The Light gives mom peace.
Jesus is the Light.
Mom is the Light.

Rosalee* said, “Very nice.”

“I like it, but I don’t remember the words by myself,” mom commented.

“If you want, Julienne, I will wheel your mom to the activity room.  I would like to spend a little more time with her,” said Darlene*.

“Sounds like a good idea.  What do you think, mom?”

“Yes, you have been here a long time.”

I hugged and kissed mom.  Mom said, “Another nice day.”

“You are right, mom. We had another great day together.”

We blew kisses.  Rosalee* had a warm smile on her face and said, “God bless you both.”

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