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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Special Gift

What do they say about worrying?  “Worry is like a rocking chair—it gives you something to do, but it does not get you anywhere.”

A week has gone by since I have seen mom.  I think about her every day.  I miss spending time with her and would love to see her. Unfortunately, my ankle has had a few complications I was not expecting.  The main occurrence is that my toes turn blue when I stand up just to walk around my home.  The doctor says, “Not to worry as long as when I raise my foot up that my normal color comes back.  The blue toes are a warning sign that I should keep my foot up as much as humanly possible during this healing stage.”  Why does that statement seem easy when they are not talking about you?

My mom gave me a special gift today. Let me explain further so you can understand where I am coming from. I have been wondering if mom is sad, mad, or just plain disappointed because I have not visited her recently.  Then the phone rings; my brother, Jamie called.  He spent some quality time with mom again today.  Mom asked Jamie how I was feeling.  Jamie shared what has been happening to my foot.  He informed mom of my plans to try and visit her tomorrow.   Mom said, “Tell Julienne to take care of herself.  I know she loves me. I want her to feel better.” 
Her words mean so much to me; they were the best gift I could have received. Mom never knew how much I always loved her, but she does now even when I cannot be there for her. 
 I know mom loves me, too.

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